Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Olympics...Homeschool Style!

To kick off our Olympic fun, we set up an obstacle course and had LOTS of fun. We have been enjoying all aspects of the 2008 Olympics, from the fantastic Opening Ceremonies to discussing the controversies surrounding the venue, the scoring and the athletes.

We made Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to honor all of the amazing accomplishments we have been witnessing. Although Victor insisted that Princess Leia awarded him his medal for defeating Darth Vader. I guess we all have our own personal Olympic goals!

With only a few days left, we still have lots to see, lots to learn and lots of foods to taste. This has been the most fun we have had with a subject in a long time. Homeschooling has given us the time to truly immerse ourselves into the games. It's times like this that I forget all the times when I was about to pull my hair out in homeschooling frustration.

Here's to a few more days of Olympic fun...Homeschool Style!