Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm Back!

Well, two months have gone by and I am still trying to keep up. We have been busy and enjoying the summer. Victor is 3 months old now and he is enormous! He weighs around 20 pounds and is wearing 12-18 month clothing. He is adorable and has continued to be a happy, content baby. He sleeps well, between 6-9 hours a night! I am only saying that because I can...neither girl slept like that and I am sooo excited! Although it has nothing to do with me, I am taking all the credit.

The girls have been taking gymnastics and are having a great time. I finally got them into classes that occur at the SAME time, so there is only one hour per week spent at gymnastics...and I am almost as happy with that as I am Victor's sleeping schedule! Alyssa has started swim lessons, in Tulsa, two days a week, so twice a week for the next four weeks I am driving 3 hours round trip for swim lessons. This girl had better learn how to swim! She has attended 2 lessons and she is doing well. I put her into the level 1 class because this is a girl who would gasp and sputter in the bathtub if water got in her face. Of course she is the oldest one in her class (level one takes 3 year olds!) but she has NO skills and she is a "start slow" kinda kid. Well, on day 2 of her lessons, someone thought she needed to be moved to level 2. On the second day, without talking to me, they put her into a class that was jumping off the diving board into 7 feet of water!!! Now, call me an overprotective mom, I am fine with that, but I know my daughter, and although she went willingly with the lady in charge and jumped off the side of the pool (they told her she did not have to jump off the board...what's the difference, I say!) into the water, she was terrified. All day she put on a brave face and said it was OK with her, then at 10pm that night she came from her bed crying and stressing about the fact that she would have to go back to swim lessons. I was furious!! This is a child that had to wait until she was almost 7 to actually take swim lessons that did not require me to get in with her (and we took 2 seasons of those!) and now she is scared to go back because they pushed her too far. I told her I would take care of it and she said OK, she just wanted to be back in the level 1 class. I called and they truly thought that it was MY being uncomfortable with her being in the level 2 class, not her. I get so mad when people don't give kids credit for knowing what they are comfortable with. For god's sake I raised her to KNOW and TRUST her abilities and feelings, and people constantly second guess that. People do not give kids enough credit.

The 4th of July was great!! We had our annual party and everyone came out for the big show. We had some friends show up that we have not seen in some time. It was fabulous. They have 3 sons and they are all very sweet boys. We had 10 kids there and they all had a great time. We ended up with a huge crate of very large, commercial style fireworks and then supplemented some smaller fountains and kids stuff. The show ended about 11pm and all the kids, except the babies, we still up and running. Gwen fell asleep on the living room floor around midnight and Alyssa finally wound down about 1am. Every year our party gets a little better. Everyone looks forward to it, especially Brian and Alyssa.



Oh what fun!!!