Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Our school adventure officially starts tomorrow! I have chosen Horses as our first theme, as Alyssa is currently obsessed with them. I will be easing into lapbooking with mini-books and notebooking combined. I think they'll be instant hits. I split the theme into three sections that will be covered in about a month's time....depending on interest. We'll be covering the anatomy of a horse, gaits and basic equipment needed in the first section. I will introduce the spelling and vocab words in this first week also. Section 2 will cover the evolution of the horse through history. This will include uses in the West and Asia, in depth look into the top 5 breeds and for fun, famous horses. The last section will cover owning and caring for horses. This will include what to look for when buying a horse, markings and identifiers, costs associated with owning a horse and the maintenance involved. Her math lessons will include using the measurement of "hands" and she will be calculating the costs of owning a horse. I have 15 books on reserve at the library and we are starting with some articles I found on the Internet. Alyssa is very excited and so am I!!

On the soccer front, Alyssa is doing very well and continues to impress me with her spunk. She gives it her all from the second she steps onto the field. Her footwork is improving and she jumps right into the fray when needed. Gwen is loving gymnastics and is proving to be a great student. She works very hard and listens well. I am glad to know that she IS a good listener, even if I tend to see the opposite! Victor is taking his only boy role VERY seriously. He is pushy and loud and hits things when he's mad, oh, and he's messy too!! LOL He is a total clown and keeps us in stitches all day...he's gonna be a charmer.
My next post will either be about how great our mini-books turned out, or questions on how to make them correctly! LOL! Good luck to all of my friends embarking on the lapbook's to some fun!