Thursday, March 09, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Ahhh...yesterday was the last day of gymnastics for 3 weeks! We have been way overscheduled the past few weeks and it was killing me. This week has been very crazy with 2 days of gymnastics, doctor's appointment and co-op. I can not wait until Gwen can take a gymnastics class that is at the same time as Alyssa's class! But...that means 3 years old AND potty trained...HA, Gwen is making it very clear that she does not have time to stop and GO to the potty, when she can just GO potty!! Anyway, we have co-op today and tomorrow is unscheduled (shhh...don't say it too loud!).

We went to the library yesterday and Alyssa found the Magic Tree House book section. Ultimately, we checked out 4 of them and she is thrilled to report that there are A LOT more!! She loves this series of books and I have decided to put off Treasure Island, our next read aloud, to allow her some Magic Tree House time. We have decided to keep watching birds as an ongoing Science project because we find it so interesting. I am considering keeping a type of chart on what types of birds we are seeing as the seasons change. I am trying to work out a chart that would remain fun and not become a "task", if at any time Alyssa sees something as a task, you can mark it off your list of things she would want to do! I think she could be the poster child for schooling at home. Gwen, on the other hand, notices EVERY school we pass and begs to go there. Alyssa keeps trying to convince her that she does not want to go there but the big slides and lots of kids keep Gwen from even hearing Alyssa's voice.

The doctor's appointment went well and the baby and I are doing fine. I go back on the 21st and then the appointments are weekly. It is hard for me to believe that it is almost time, don't get me wrong, I am ready for delivery, but my house is not so ready. The baby's room is still quite the storage closet and everytime I think I am going to GET IT DONE, I don't. No real excuse, just not motivated. Surely, I will become that way...soon. Lucky for me the baby won't care if his room is a bit cluttered with other people's extras!

Monday begins the Spring Break period for public schools here so there will be no co-op...the ENTIRE week is unplanned!!! No appointments, no classes, NOTHING! We probably won't even know how to get back into the daily school schedule. The next week is when weekly doctor's appointments begin and co-op resumes. I am looking forward to being home more, maybe that will motivate me to get things ready, and STAY on a school schedule.

Everyone have a great day!

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