Sunday, August 19, 2007

Why we like Harry Potter...

Obviously, he is the hero and likeable just for that, but moreso, he gives us a sense of hope, hope that we can struggle through our difficult times and make it out on top, even in the most extreme situations. We are loving the Harry Potter series as a family and it is fun! I enjoy reading these books aloud, everyone comes to the living room when the pages start to turn. We now have the Harry Potter Wii game and the girls are having fun exploring Hogwarts and casting spells. All the movies are favorites, too, but we all agree the books are much better. There are countless hours of "attending Hogwarts" play and it is rich with learning! Harry Potter has become a friend who we love to root for. We are always anticipating the next page, paragraph, chapter. It is a fun world we love to explore.

We are currently on book 5 and cheated and went to see the movie before we finished the book. I felt like Alyssa would be missing out on a fun, memorable experience, so I said OK and we were not disappointed. It was a fun movie to watch. She had a blast. It's fun to watch your child get interested in something and have fun learning everything about it. Without doing tedious lessons or fighting about one more worksheet, your child is learning at every turn. My daughter is learning to read by reading ahead in the read aloud book. Believe me, I never have to force her to read at those times...and they tend to be often...she's sneaky! lol Reading is important but so is loving it. That is what Harry Potter gave to us, another reason to love reading.


Savvy said...

I know; HP is like the ultimate family book series! It's so much fun. You HAVE to tell me when you're done with 7 so I can blog about it (at last). I also want to do a video game review of all the HP video games. My all-time fave is Chamber of Secrets on the Xbox.

Sometime, you should transfer all these blogs over to 360 as well! It would be fun!


Shauna said...

We're just about to start HP 6 (aloud) as well! We were disappointed in The Order movie (we read it entirely first), but I'm one who thinks it should have been Gone-With-The-Wind-length (with intermissions) so as not to leave out so many details. Ah well, if it weren't for the movies, my kids might not have been interested in the books.