Sunday, December 09, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

It's cold and I am feeling Christmas-y! I have completed my shopping, mostly online, and I am satisfied with the whole experience! I shopped in a safe, secure, comfy environment where nobody rubbed up against me (eewww), shared their Christmas "odors" with me and, most importantly, nobody shot at me. Mission Accomplished. I am a satisfied consumer this year.
Presents for the kids this year consist of some much anticipated movies, books, games, a sewing machine and a Springy Horse. I am betting the Springy horse is going to be a hit with everyone! Victor has been riding a plastic chair, turned upside down, and calling "neigh, neigh" for a couple days. This is hilarious to me, however, I see bull riding and broken bones in his future. Gwen has been wanting the Polly Pocket movie for months. She wanted it for her birthday, but it proved difficult to find in stores, so I ordered it online and it's waiting in my closet to surprise her for Christmas. I swear, she would be happy if that was her only present! Alyssa will be getting a First Sewing Machine that I ordered from Discovery Channel Store. We were very happy with the DiscoveryKids Microscope we bought for Alyssa's 7th birthday, so I went with the sewing machine and hope to be happy with it as well. She is into sewing and fabric. I am hoping this will expand her horizons. She will be getting Harry Potter#2 and #5 on DVD too. This will complete her collection (which is important to her! lol) AND I purchased the #2 movie used and paid less than $5 for it! Woo Hoo!
We have been Christmas crafting and having lots of fun. I have been an organized crafts teacher so far this month! In November I sorted through my Christmas craft tub and made a mental note of what I purchased on clearance last year and what I needed this year. We have decorated twig wreaths, made ornaments, decorated gingerbread houses and we are going to make bead ornaments tomorrow for our friends and family. We will start candy making and baking the week of the 17th. I can't wait. We LOVE to make candies and cookies. This week we are going to try out a Cherry Pound Cake...YUM.
I took Alyssa and her best bud to the local Christmas parade on Friday night and it was fun. The kids got LOTS of candy and some of the floats were really cool. One of my faves is the Shriner clowns that drive around little cars and motor bikes. We drove around and looked for Christmas lights and they were SPARSE. It was really sad. I miss the days of my youth when whole neighborhoods were lit up! We plan on driving through at the Castle in Muskogee, they have over 1000 of those blow-up outdoor Christmas decorations. I have been wanting to see that for the past couple of years. I am excited to take all the kids, I think Victor will like it just as much as the rest of us. It's a drive thru event, so we are getting some burgers and driving through! Yeee Haaaw!
~Merry Christmas~
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