Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday!

My homemade birthday cake...YUMMY! Alyssa baked my cake again this year and she did a great job. The bottom layer of the cake is chocolate, and the second layer is white and the very top tiny layer, made specifically for the honoree, is a tiny chocolate bunt cake filled with chocolate frosting. Alyssa calls it the volcano cake and it's enough to kill you...but it sure is good! The kids also gave me presents that they picked out at the dollar store with their Granny. Alyssa gave me a candle, a pack of gum and a laundry basket. Gwen chose a lemon air freshener and a candle. These are perfect mom gifts! From other relatives I recieved a Dirt Devil hand vacuum, which I was wanting, candles (Wood Wick, Fireside...mmm), mixing bowls (with little handles...thank god!) and a Reynolds Handi Vac vacuum sealer...which you should buy one of these now, because you will LOVE it!!! And three incense burners I bought for myself. So, on this birthday, the Birthday of Household Items, I am happy with smells, happy with food storage and most of all happy with life...minus the big poof of smoke that filled the room when I blew out 37 candles!!

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