Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spring Co-op

Valentine's Day started the first day of our homeschool Spring Co-op. It was a Valentine's Day Party with treats and fellowship. I have mixed feelings about co-op and the responsibilities that come with it; we are returning after an absence of almost 2 years. After having Victor I found it was too difficult managing him, Gwen and helping Alyssa throughout the day's rotation and occassionally leading a class. I was a basketcase when the day ended. I simply could not participate effectively. I signed up this semester with an (almost) 2YO, 4YO and an 8YO, much easier to manage...I hope. Gwen simply did not want to go to the Valentine's party, she was uninterested. Her main concern was missing the sweets, but opted to stay home with the permission to have some of her cotton candy, so she wouldn't miss out. I did not want to take Victor and after Thursday have decided he will go on occassion. The number of kids has doubled to 100 since we last attended and bigger is not always better. It was pandemonium and I'm not sure I am happy with what it's offering. We will continue going because Alyssa enjoys the social interaction and it's nice to congregate with others who have some of the same goals as your family. However, that being said, sometimes desire to homeschool is where the similarities stop and that can be difficult. Wish me luck.

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