Friday, June 13, 2008

Horse Camp 2008

This is Alyssa and Bert, aren't they adorable? Yes, that is Gwen's head in the corner of the picture...I believe that Alyssa has a lifetime of Gwen's head being in the corner of her picture. Bert was Alyssa's assigned horse for her week at Horse Camp. She had to feed him, clean his stall, groom him and of course, ride him. They were a team...he pooped, she scooped. After arriving home from vacation on Thursday (a vacation blog is coming!), Alyssa started Horse Camp on Monday. We had to wake up each day last week at 6am so that we could make it to camp by 8am. It took almost an hour to get there and after our L-O-N-G vacation, we weren't sure if we would make it. We did. The excitement of the whole thing nudged us out of bed and spurred us to be on time every day, anxiously awaiting the day of fun.

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Lanel said...

Ummmm, Denise....they make software so you can actually crop Gwen's head out of photos. Not like when Josh was little. I swear that little you know what is in every single picture of me from the time he could walk/crawl!!