Wednesday, July 09, 2008

iPod Anyone?

What the hell is an iPod and why should I care? Well, because I have a soon-to-be tween and honestly, I just can't let my kids surpass me in techie knowledge...I just can't. Alyssa will be nine next month (*cringe*) and she has started down the path of music exploration. I am thrilled. I remember how much of an impact music had on me as a young person and I can't wait for her to feel the vibes. Personally, I am not musically inclined and you would surely tell me to shut the heck up if I started singing at your wedding...or in your presence. BUT, I can remember spending hours listening to the radio, playing records and trying my best to push that record button on my cassette player so I could have my favorite songs on the radio on a fabulous mix tape. Ahhh, the days of the mix tape. Kids these days just don't understand the painstaking process of mixing a tape. Point and click, how hard is that? What happened to running across the room and flinging yourself over your bed to the cassette player as soon as you heard Raspberry Beret by Prince? Now that is music love.

Noticing that this music thing was not a passing fancy, I decided to look into an iPod. When walking through Wal-mart, I saw the iPod Shuffle. It's cute as can be...and on sale! Whoo Hoo! Because I try to be an informed consumer, I went online and checked them out. Not only do they get great reviews and are simple enough for a nine year old to use, when you order yours directly from Apple, they will engrave it and ship it FREE. Yeah, you heard me...FREE. I'm in love. I let her pick the color and what she wanted to have engraved on it, but I am not letting her have it until her birthday...I'm mean like that. She is really excited and frankly, so am I. Commercial free music of your choice, that's portable? What a freaking concept!!!

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acemom said...

Ah, the mix tape ... the good ol' days. Check this out: ... whomever came up with that is definitely one of us. >:p