Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What we have been up to...

After the release of our butterflies, we made clothespin/coffee filter butterflies. No, that's not a sour sucker in his mouth...that is his smile.

Blendy Pens...although I was not all that impressed with their "blendy-ness", the kids have been having fun with them for the past couple weeks. Gwen saw these on TV long ago and talked about them a LOT. She got these for her birthday and it was one of those gifts I stick back and spring out when something new needs to be explored. Overall, they have been fun.

Swimming...what can I say, it's become our lives. Since arriving home from vacation to our new, fabulous pool, we have spent lots of time there. Alyssa is having the best time doing flips and handstands. Gwen has excelled in learning to swim. She taught herself how to swim underwater! Victor is swimming with his floaties, but continues to want to swim without them. He jumps off the ladder yelling "cannonbaaaall."

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