Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Life of the Soccer Mom

Three nights a week of practice, games every Saturday.'s what we do. The soccer ball, fold up chairs, jackets, blankets, extra shin guards and snacks litter the trunk of the car. Our first game was an easy win. We drove 50 miles to arrive at 8:30am to find that the team we were playing, didn't exist. Yeah, you heard me right...didn't exist. We had a field full of parents, siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles, not to mention players ready to play some ball. Thirty minutes after the game was supposed to start, we find out a "ghost team" made it onto the roster...what the hell?!

We finally got to play our first game and the girls were decked out in paw print face paint and eye black, for the intimidation factor. They looked painfully adorable. They ended up winning by quite a few goals and looked really good. Alyssa's coach refers to her as his "all-star" because he can put her in any position (even goalie!) and she does well. I am so proud of her. She has worked really hard this season and it all boils down to excellent coaching. She, as well as the other girls, wants to please Coach B and although he finds working with 11 girls somewhat frustrating at times (i.e. the talking and talking and talking), he is positive, dedicated and they love him. I'm not sure how many laps have been run due to an over abundance of girl talk, but they smile the whole time...and rib him while doing it!

In my role as Soccer Mom, I am having a great time. The weather has been nice, the moms are really nice and the girls are hard workers. I look forward to plunking my chair down next to the field, chatting up the other moms and yelling. Sometimes our hour long practices last two and no one seems to care. It's been quite fun and I look forward to a successful season. Go Tiger Cubs!

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3galsmama said...

A ghost team?! Holy cow, never heard of such a thing.