Monday, January 16, 2006

6 Hours and Counting!

Well, Gwen has not thrown up since this morning. She has had bread with peanut butter, watery juice, crackers and 5 sliced black olives (everyone else had pizza!). She is napping now and seems to be fine, just puny. Alyssa has gymnastics tonight and thank goodness Brian is home to keep Gwen! Gwen has gymnastics on Wednesday and I hope she is better by then...she LIVES for gymnastics. Her class is a "mommy and me" class and I am basically there to make sure she doesn't kill herself (or twist herself into a knot). Both of which are possibilities with Gwen! We did manage to tackle school today with Gwen sick AND dad home, I'm amazed! Dad seems to distract us and we get very little done on days that he is home. I do intend on listing some of our upcoming projects because we are really excited about them. I'll get back tonight or tomorrow, now it is time to get ready for gymnastics.

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