Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Not Again?!?!

As I put everyone to bed, confident that we are over the brief illness that kept me up last night, I breathed a sigh and (eventually) went to bed. About 12:30 I heard it, the sound, the gag, I jump up and run (not easy in my condition) and grab Gwen and run towards the bathroom...we make it to the hallway. She had not been sick for HOURS and had eaten enough blan food to make her comfortable, went to bed fine (I assumed) and then lost it. Anyway, after cleaning the floor, the toilet (I did try!) and then us, we laid down. No more incidents, Yea! She seems fine this morning. Another day of watery juice and boring food! Although this has given her something to talk about! She has told anyone who would listen about her "throw up" adventures. She has kept track of all the places she "missed" and will point them out proudly! Anyway, I am hopefully done with stories that include any type of bodily function...well, until potty training starts!!

Alyssa had a great time at gymnastics(as usual) and her Granny and Poppa came to enjoy the show. She is getting pretty good at her bridge kick overs, a less dangerous intro to a back handspring, which I personally have mixed feelings about seeing her accomplish! She just learned, last week, to do a flip on the trampoline...dang unseasonable weather!! Gwen, of course, is doing her version...YIKES! I fear it's not long before they are both flipping (probably at the same time!) and who knows what. We'll have a circus act in the front yard!

Everyone have a great day!

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