Monday, January 23, 2006

A "Typical" Day

Well, I thought I might describe a "typical" day for us. This is an odd concept for us because it seems like every day is different. I guess if I were sending the kids to school we would get up, have breakfast, get ready and leave on some type of a schedule. However, since that is not the case, I think we just go with the flow of the day. Anyway, Gwen usually gets up between 7 and 7:30, however, today she got up at 9:00!! So there goes my typical day! If I had been sleeping, Gwen would have gotten up at her usual 7:00, but I was up and "waiting" so she slept until 9:00! Alyssa would sleep until noon if you let her so I made sure she got up also. First, we just sit around talking and waking up for a little while and then someone (usually Gwen) gets to pick a video. Alyssa has been very good about going "second" since Gwen has learned about turns!! I will make something to eat (today, muffins) and the kids will watch a video (today, Wiggles) while I get computer time, start laundry, etc. I know, I know, TV should not be the first thing they do in the morning! For us, I find that it makes the day smoother, the kids get to pick one video a day and this way it is over with and we can move on without distraction. It seems like in the morning the kids are more likely to be active while watching TV, if we wait until the afternoon they tend to become zombies in front of the TV. I am pretty strict about no TV in the evenings because I think it makes for bad nighttime rest. So, that being said, I will move on. :) After the video, they move on to picking an activity. With this being Alyssa's Kindergarten year, I would call it "center time." They can play with toys or do arts/crafts. This time is rarely "planned" by me. After their free time to play, we clean up a bit, have some lunch and Gwen goes down for a nap. This is when school happens for Alyssa. Alyssa is very receptive after a morning of her own creative exploits. When Gwen does not nap we go ahead and school and Gwen participates by coloring or playing close by. She is getting used to "school time" and is very interested in participating so I make sure there are two of all coloring sheets, activities, etc. so she can feel involved. "Sit down" school might last up to an hour, depending on what is being done and then we do our read aloud. During read aloud time, the girls play quietly or sometimes, just sit. By now it is time to get ready for dinner and daddy to get home! On Mondays, Alyssa has gymnastics so we have a snack and leave about 5:30. On Wednesday mornings Gwen has gymnastics and that makes the whole day a lot different! AND on days when I have to go to the doctor (like tomorrow) there is NOTHING resembling what I just typed happening!! So, this is a typical day for a day when there is no morning gymnastics, no doctor's appointments, no daddy home, no co-op, no field trip, no one is sick and when no other life event has hindered our "typical day"!! God, I LOVE homeschooling!!!

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