Friday, January 27, 2006


This week has been pretty busy for us and I am so glad it's Friday! Tuesday was my doctor's appointment so we drove to the "big city" and spent the day. Doctor says everything is fine and I only gained 1 pound last month. That makes 7 pounds~TOTAL! In the beginning the doctor told me to gain no more than 16 pounds, at which point I asked him if HE had ever BEEN pregnant! But, with 4 months of feeling VERY ill and not wanting to eat much of anything, I have been really lucky. Of course the last 3 months I have not had ANY problem eating! My main craving is sour cream mexican anything! Any good recipes? :)

We finished James and the Giant Peach and Chocolate Fever and have moved on to Mr. Popper's Penguins. I am really amazed at how much Alyssa loves our read aloud time. She looks forward to it everyday and on days when we don't do it during the day, she wants her bedtime story to be her chapter book. I am looking forward to reading some of my childhood faves to her and I can't wait to break out the classics! We have tons of books, many of which I began buying before we had kids. I ordered more books from the Scholastic book fliers than any of my students when I was teaching. When I ran the daycare we had a Scholastic Book Fair and I probably spent a month's salary on books! Brian and I both grew up loving books and reading A LOT! As only children, I guess we had lots of quiet time to read. :) When we were first married, we spent hours in used book stores just browsing and finding great books. As a child I remember my mother always had a book or a magazine to read. Doing dictionary work the other day (using my childhood children's dictionary), I was telling Alyssa how I liked to read the dictionary when I was a child. As I was explaining it to her I wondered how many other people read the dictionary as children, I know Brian did, but he's weird like that! :) Anyway, she started looking through it and asking questions about the pictures and different words and I felt so nostalgic thinking about reading THAT dictionary and knowing that she would probably be doing the same thing soon! I love those moments when you feel good about what you are doing for your children and see them responding to it.

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Janece said...

I read the children's dictionary as a child also! LOL! Joshua especially loves to drag out either our children's dictionary or the "Great Big Book Of Everything" he calls an encyclopedia we got for children.
April did her dr visit Wednesday..she's 27 weeks and 4 days!

It's great to be able to keep up with you! (hugs!)