Thursday, February 21, 2008

A few of our favorite books...

Overstuffed bookshelves. Yep, I got 'em. Scholastic books are one of my guilty pleasures and when I taught school I ordered more books than my entire class! Here are some of the ones the kids are enjoying.

This has been one of Victor's favorite books for a few months now. It is adorable with GREAT illustrations. We have read this book so many times I have dreamed about it! Gwen can recite just about every word and often "reads" this book on her own.

Sanji and the Baker has become this week's pick for Victor. This book boasts fabulous art and a valuable lesson in greed. As a toddler, this was one of Alyssa's favorite stories and she has passed the torch on to Victor.

Jesse Bear is a cute, sing-songy book that is fun to read. The illustrations are nicely detailed. This was another of Alyssa's faves.

We have several of the Froggy books and they are some of Gwen's favorites. They are cute and have sound effects that make the book fun and unique.

Amelia Bedelia. What can I say...we love these books. As a child I loved Amelia Bedelia and had purchased several before we had kids. Lucky me, all the kids like these and they have been great reading practice for Alyssa. I read several a week for Gwen.

Gwen discovered seek and find books last year and fell in love. The I-Spy series is ok, but we have found some really fun ones published by Usborne. Gwen has a stack of these on her bedside shelf for quiet time reading.

Alyssa got this book for Christmas and it is lots of fun. There are MANY different things in it, from essential gear to games to women in history. This book is on her bedside shelf for quiet time reading. I can't even say how many bookmarks are in this book!!

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