Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Soccer Rules!

Last season the first soccer game was rained out. And by rained out, I mean my undergarments were soaked, my shoes were filled with water and my camera was so fogged this was the best picture I could get. They literally played ONE minute and it started pouring. It was Alyssa's first EVER soccer game and she was so disappointed I wanted to cry. Luckily, there were 9 more games and we got better pictures.

The coaches were fabulous, nice, fun and fair. No yelling, no threats and always a "way to go" for any attempt. I was leary about team sports because parents can get really freaky about their kids and winning. We focused on fun and Alyssa learned some valuable lessons. For instance, you don't always get to play the position you want. She was dying to play goalie. Why? I don't know. Potential face contact does not appeal to me, but to each his own. She never played goalie...much to my relief. Defense was her strong area. She wasn't afraid to get in there and try to take the ball. She'll likely play defense again this season and I am totally OK with that!

Practice has started for this season and the first game is March 8th. Let's hope for sunny weather and strong legs!!

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acemom said...

I loved, loved, loved playing soccer ... and goalie's a tough position, but my 2nd position was defense & it was just as fun!