Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Games we play...

We love games around here, card, board, video. We are game-y...uh, in a good way. LOL Recently Gwen has taken to challenging each and every person in a game, or several, of cards. Currently the favorites are the Spiderman Crime Stopper Card Game and Clifford's Beginning, Middle and End Card Game. We have played MANY hands of these games in the past week. She also has an I-Spy Card Game that she enjoys playing.

Board Games are also a big hit around here. Our most recent faves include, Clue Junior, the original Clue game and the Harry Potter Mystery at Hogwarts game (similar to Clue). Gwen also enjoys a mean game of The Backyardigans Mission to Mars/Pirate Treasure Game. Monopoly is one of Brian's favorite games and one of my LEAST favorites, so I occasionally have to suffer while he and Alyssa enjoy a L-O-N-G game of Star Wars Monopoly. Funny though, it seems like I always win...ironic ain't it?

Puzzles are prominent in our game cabinet too. Gwen can do pretty hard puzzles and enjoys the challenge. Alyssa is mostly a joiner of puzzle fun...it would not necessarily be her choice of game to play. Brian is a fan of puzzles and likes really challenging ones, I, on the other hand, like the ones with little wooden handles on each piece...LOL...well, not THAT easy, but pretty close! We have some "family" puzzles to start on one day, but we have to wait until the youngest child can control himself around things that need to be left alone...tick tock. Due to my anal nature, I like a puzzle you can put together, enjoy and then put away...all in less than an hour. Puzzles that must take up table space make me uncomfortable.

Video games, well, that would be ALL Brian's influence because I could really just leave them...shhh don't tell anyone! Computer games, X-Box 360, PS2 and Wii are all options around here and let me tell ya, they all offer something completely different. We ALL love the Wii and it's simple little sports game that comes with the console. Fun, Fun, Fun. Alyssa tends to dominate on the Wii...something I can not explain. Gwen has been trying her best to get through the Scooby Doo Unmasked PS2 game and she is putting a real dent in it. Over the past year she has gone from making everyone else fight the monsters to getting through levels without any help. She is fast approaching the level that Alyssa, Brian and I have been unable to beat. We are stuck. I will be thrilled to see Gwen just beat the heck outa that level!

Here's to games...and more games. Brian and I are currently discussing introducing Alyssa to our favorite pastime of all, Dungeons and Dragons. I can not wait to begin adventuring with Alyssa and eventually bringing in all the members of the clan...we will be unstoppable!! LOL

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acemom said...

I'm totally with you on Monopoly (and I usually win, too ... what's up with that?), and on the video games ... SingStar is my favorite! ;)