Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's Up, Doc?!

See this cage? It's nice isn't it? Clean. Neat. Free of odors.

Well, they stay that way, as long as you leave out the animal...or animals. But you see that little face in the corner? That's why my sun room smells like a barn. I have to admit they are adorable and I see the potential for fun times...but my future plans are going to involve building a "rabbit run" out in the back yard. And the kids actually thought they would live in the house for the next 10 years! Did you know a pet rabbit can live that long and potentially longer? Alyssa will be 19! I hope the dorms allow rabbits.
We got two because of the bonding issue, these being brothers. We let them out a few times a day and they hop around and do funny little flips. They are messy and disgusting, but mind numbingly cute.


acemom said...

Awwwww! Our neighbors had a bunny (he got HUGE) for a long time, he did really well with their dogs & chicken in the same yard until they added a Basset Hound puppy ... I guess they mistook their old BH's age and mild-manner and thought the pup would be fine. Sweet, soft, exciting ... but I don't envy the clean-up!

SapphireSavvy said...

Wow, flips? Now that I gotta see.